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Chris Reddington

Chris Reddington
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect
  • Enterprise Advocate at GitHub
  • Cloud With Chris blogger, podcaster & producer
  • Azure Thames Valley Organiser

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  • Azure
  • GitHub
  • GitHub Actions
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This talk will help you...
  • Identify some of the core features of GitHub
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of GitHub Actions
  • Locate existing samples to help you deploy to Azure
  • Understand how (and why) is deployed using GitHub Actions
A brief history...
  • 2008 - GitHub was Founded
  • 2012 - Microsoft become a significant user of GitHub
  • 2018 - GitHub became a subsidiary of Microsoft for $7.5 billion!
  • 2019, Jan - GitHub offers unlimited private repositories to all plans, including free accounts (but up to three collaborators per repository).
  • 2019, Sept - GitHub acquired Semmle, a code analysis tool.
  • 2020, March - GitHub announced that they were acquiring npm
  • 2020, April - The free plan allows unlimited collaborators, but limit private repos to 2000 minutes of GitHub Actions per month
An extensive platform
Screenshot from the website showing that GitHub is more than Git. It is Collaborative Coding, Automation & CI/CD, Security, Client Apps, Project Management, Team Administration and Community.
JAMStack (JavaScript, APIs & Markup)
Screenshot showing several Static Site Generators - Hugo, Jekyll, Gatsby, Vuepress, Nuxt.JS and Pelican
Cloud With Chris Architecture
Architecture Diagram of It shows that is on Azure DNS. There is an apex domain ( which points to Azure Front Door, and redirects to another Azure Front Door Rule (for WWW). There is a subdomain which points to a WWW rule, which directs to an Azure Static Web App. There is a subdomain which points to a Podcast Rule, which directs to Azure Storage. There is a subdomain which points to a Presentations Rule, which directs to an Azure Static Web App

Stop! Demo time.

GitHub Actions Workflow Schema

GitHub Actions Workflow Schema

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